Pleasure Driving

photo of a pleasure driving event with a carriage being pulled by four horses

Inheriting Tradition

Misdee has been involved with both pleasure driving and coaching for over 20 years. She got started in carriage driving when she received a phone call asking if she would like her carriages returned to her - carriages that she was not aware of, that were donated several years ago by her mother to a carriage collection. One was a Wicker Vis-A-Vis that belonged to her great grandmother, and the other was a Bachelor Station Brougham that belonged to her great grandfather - both made by Brewster & Company. She then wanted to learn how to drive these carriages!

Since acquiring these two carriages, she has added numerous other historical vehicles to her collection. More than just collector’s items, all of the carriages are used in pleasure drives and competitions around the world.

When they are not competing, Misdee and James also enjoy pleasure driving around Hillcroft Farm. With over 1,400 acres, there are miles of trails that wind through the beautiful property, and wildlife such as deer and turkey are often spotted.

Misdee is also the President of the World Coaching Club, which is comprised of women around the world who own and drive four-in-hand coaches.

Legend of Devon

In 2022, Misdee was inducted into the Devon Hall of Fame as a “Legend of Devon". What an honor it was to inducted amongst Olympians, national champions, and other luminaries connected to the success of the Devon Horse Show and County Fair.

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