Farming the Land

Under James’ direction, about half of the acreage at Hillcroft Farm is devoted to agriculture. In addition to alfalfa and alfalfa mix hay, which we both use ourselves for our horses and sell, we grow soybeans and corn. The farm also composts most of its own waste on the many compost piles that are located near the back of the farm.

AirLite Animal Bedding

Always searching for ways to employ “green techniques” within our farm management, we currently use cardboard bedding in all of our stables, which can also be found breaking down on our compost piles and fertilizing our fields. Originally produced by James’ company A Greener Horse, the company has recently merged with AirLite Animal Bedding in 2020 to broaden the number of clients that it is able to accommodate. The bedding is superior to other bedding types, as it not only benefits our horses in cutting down on dust, it also breaks down more readily in the environment. For more information on A Greener Horse, or to inquire about making a purchase, check out their website.

Photo Gallery