A Gem of the Bluegrass

Hillcroft Farm preserves and promotes important traditions in the horse world.

The Hillcroft Farm Vision

Preserving the tradition of the land and horses is central to our philosophy. We endeavor to create a multi-use facility that not only conserves the land, but will allow others to share the experience, thereby teaching them the importance of responsible land stewardship. We continue to explore the use of green technology in both our equine and agricultural divisions. Our vision is that, 100 years from now and beyond, Hillcroft Farm remains as a beautiful gem set in the heart of the Bluegrass in Paris, Kentucky where both horses and people continue to enjoy the traditions and lifestyle of the magnificent countryside.

Main barn with a green roof
distant stone bridge across a pond
Green gates to Hillcroft Farm

Unbridled Spirit, Unrivaled Excellence

Hillcroft Farm embodies the heart and spirit of Kentucky bluegrass tradition. Named after Misdee’s grandparents’ farm in Wisconsin, Hillcroft Farm carries on the tradition of horses and land conservation that they inspired in her as a young girl. Her grandmother, who oversaw the breeding program on Catalina Island, was the real driving force in developing the Arabian horse business in the United States. She was Misdee’s inspiration in getting involved in the horse business. The swan crest that Hillcroft Farm is known for was carried down from Misdee’s grandmother’s side of the family. Misdee’s mother adopted the crest as the crest for her Arabian business, and Misdee decided to carry it on when she purchased Hillcroft Farm.

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Combined Driving Division

Misdee took up the exciting sport of combined driving in 2007. In preparation for the World Equestrian Games in 2010 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, Governor Beshear asked Misdee to be on his advisory committee for driving. In getting involved with preparing for the event, she recalled that some of the talented Dutch Harness Horses that she uses for coaching used to compete in combined driving earlier in their careers. So she decided to give the sport a try! Beginning with a pair at the lower levels, she fell in love with the adrenaline rush of the sport.

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Saddlebred Division

The American Saddlebred is a breed that was originally developed in Kentucky, primarily in Bourbon County. So it must have been fate that Hillcroft Farm found its home in Paris, right in the heart of Bourbon County.

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photo of a pleasure driving event with a carriage being pulled by four horses

Pleasure Driving Division

Misdee has been involved with both pleasure driving and coaching for over 20 years. She got started in carriage driving when she received a phone call asking if she would like her carriages returned to her - carriages that she was not aware of, that were donated several years ago by her mother to a carriage collection. One was a Wicker Vis-A-Vis that belonged to her great grandmother, and the other was a Bachelor Station Brougham that belonged to her great grandfather - both made by Bruster & Company. She then wanted to learn how to drive these carriages!

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Polo Division

The Polo Division of Hillcroft Farm is the most recent addition to the farm. In fact, polo was what introduced James and Misdee in the first place. Misdee met James’ parents at a dinner, where they discovered their mutual fondness for horses, and she was later introduced to James. They married in 2006 and have been an unstoppable duo ever since. James’ polo background, and introducing it to Hillcroft Farm, helped to continue making the farm the unique place that it is.

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the edge of a cornfield at sunset

Agriculture Division

Under James’ direction, about half of the acreage at Hillcroft Farm is devoted to agriculture. In addition to alfalfa and alfalfa mix hay, which we both use ourselves for our horses and sell, we grow soybeans and corn. The farm also composts most of its own waste on the many compost piles that are located near the back of the farm.

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