About Hillcroft Farm

Green gates to Hillcroft Farm

Our Story

Hillcroft Farm embodies the heart and spirit of Kentucky bluegrass tradition. Named after Misdee’s grandparents’ farm in Wisconsin, Hillcroft Farm carries on the tradition of horses and land conservation that they inspired in her as a young girl. Her grandmother, who oversaw the breeding program on Catalina Island, was the real driving force in developing the Arabian horse business in the United States. She was Misdee’s inspiration in getting involved in the horse business. The swan crest that Hillcroft Farm is known for was carried down from Misdee’s grandmother’s side of the family. Misdee’s mother adopted the crest as the crest for her Arabian business, and Misdee decided to carry it on when she purchased Hillcroft Farm.

Hillcroft Farm combines history and tradition with modern conveniences. Misdee, a fourth generation horsewoman, bought the original property in Paris, Kentucky in 2000. After their marriage in 2006, James and Misdee continued to add acreage and improve the land. The original home site is on the historic register, and the old barns that can be found scattered throughout the farm were once home to Thoroughbred greats. The main barn, which was built after Misdee purchased the property, combines old-world architecture with state-of-the-art facilities, and includes a carriage house, trophy room, magnificent harness and tack room, and an indoor arena. There are several other historic barns on the property that are currently being utilized for Saddlebred and Thoroughbred breeding programs, as well as polo operations. Among the horses are hundreds of acres of agricultural development including soybean, corn, and alfalfa crops.

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